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Rotary Dryer
Our prestigious clients can avail from us the best quality rotary dryer manufacturer which is a horizontal cylindrical jacketed shell with hollow agitator, rotating in close clearance. rotary dryer manufacturer provides a clean, efficient and effortless method to dry various materials such as powder, slurry and wet cake. Further with high competence and low operating costs compared to other dryers, rotary dryers are a closed system in which hot water, steam or hot fluid that is used as a heating medium in the jacket. In these dryers, heat is supplied to jacket of stationary cylindrical housing. The material to be dried is kept in agitation by means of especially designed rotor. With the mentioned dryers, one can effortlessly dry even the heat sensitive material at below the boiling points of solvents and water. Furthermore, these dryers permit suitable recovery and condensing of the expensive organic solvents used during the production process. The operation of drying takes place as the batch operation under the vacuum.

These offered rotary dryer manufacturer is widely used in different industry such as Food Industry, Animal Feed Industry, Chemical Industry, Refactory/ Building materials Industry and so on. New Fab Engineers offers Vacuum Dryer functioning underneath vacuum, the dryer efficiently dries heat reflective ingredients to identical low LOD levels. Vacuum Dryers are extensively used in the Industry for drying of assortment of products. 

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