Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

With high flexibility and customization that suit diverse mountings for particular applications, high efficiency, high torque to weight ratio and huge range of gear ratios have helped us to carve out our name as Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Planetary Gearbox. These offered planetary gearboxes are replacing traditional gearboxes due to their compact size, high transmissible power and increased mechanical efficiency. These gearboxes are manufactured with components that relatively cheaper due to smaller size as compared to parallel axis gearboxes. Our manufactured Planetary Gearbox is made according to the necessities of the customer’s requirement for male female input and male female outputs. They are an ultimate choice for stern duty applications with high shock loads and impact along with numerous options for mounting, gear layout, output shaft and motor interface.

Some significant functions are units for hydraulic drives, drum conveyors, geared motor drives, mobile machinery etc. New Fab Engineers offer Planetary Gearbox that is compact in size, having high productivity, appropriate for continuous cyclic loads, have high shock load capacity, torque multiplication, reversible drive, can be installed in any position, input and output rotation in same direction. In the planetary gear system the load is dispersed all through the planet gears. In this way issues such as broken gear teeth which occur in traditional systems when under heavy loading, do not occur regularly within a planetary gear set.

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